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A short film by emerging indigenous film maker Emma Joye Frank. This film features no dialogue as Emma shares an experience using strong imagery, sounds, and symbolism to weave a visceral story.

Reasons to Try Transit

by Milo Bowman and Bernardo De La Torre. Comox Valley Art Gallery's Youth Media Project 2015 proudly presents the artwork and dedication of Milo and Bernardo. This film explores the benefits of using the BC Public Transit system in the Comox Valley.

Jaiden and the Aurum of a Hero

    a film by Frank Goudie - Jaiden has just aquired her "Aurum" which can help save the world...but does she want it?  

Food for Thought

    A film by Charlene McIver exploring the benefits of shopping local while avoiding the!  

This Anxiety of Ours

What happens when two young, anxious people meet?   A short film by Darryl Oke with support of the Comox Valley Art Gallery's Youth Media Project

Tales of Kona

    A video by Michaela Planomaniac, Tales of Kona was created to promote the book, Tales of Kona, by telling a fun short story of how to interact with guide dogs.  


by Towustain Stocker - A continuously growing horizontal underground stem which puts out lateral shoots adventitious roots at intervals.


    by Anahata - Am I awake?  


    A film By Spencer Hay.  Just don't do it.  

Thank You

A film by Michaela Planomaniac - "Thank you"'s just that easy.

Cumberland Forest

a film by Milo Bowman - Here is a short conceptual film contemplating our ancient ambiguous connection to nature. This film puts into question the uncertainty of the future of our forests and takes place in the heart of Cumberland forest where there are imminent plans...